Sanctified with crystalline shores and sun kissed sands, Wadduwa is a scenic coastal town. Serene in nature and unique in character, one can enjoy an array of wonderful experiences including a visit to the popular Kalutara Temple and explore it’s vibrant murals, partake in an early morning excursion by assisting the local fishermen to pull in their nets, savour a refreshing glass of deliciously brewed toddy, purchase the ideal souvenir and much more.


Surrounded by Buddhist cultural shrines, our conveniently located hotel permits our guests to easily examine the wonders of the Kalutara Temple the only shrine in the world that is hollow, Rankoth Viharaya the temple that was built on a rock and the picturesque Wadduwa Temple.

Fishing Village

Complete with a striking shoreline, Wadduwa is home to many fishing villages. Get the ultimate experience of this distinctive locale by viewing the enigmatic life of the local fishermen bringing in their livelihood or absorb that spirit and venture out on a catamaran to encounter the glorious seas.

Toddy Tapping

A cultural phenomenon, toddy tapping is a trade that is passed through generations. Witness the spectacular sight of an experienced toddy tapper engaging in his everyday routine. Learn in detail about this art whilst enjoying a scrumptious glass of toddy offered by this friendly brewer.

Coconut Fibre Products

Making the most of its natural surroundings, Wadduwa is celebrated for its coconut fibre products. Purchase a perfectly finished coir carpet, mattress or basket and take home the most exquisite souvenir of your trip.

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