Madhu River Safari

The Madhu River is a treasure trove of ancient delights and magnificent biodiversity. The river safari will take you through the mangrove forest and then to the Kothduwa Temple which is over 200 years old.

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The Bawa trails

Geoffrey Bawa is counted among the great architects of the 20th century, his creations encompassing some of the island’s most celebrated landmarks and include houses, hotels, schools, clubs, offices and government buildings.

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Out of the blue

The island’s southern coast offers several prominent locales that are perfect for whale watching. The migration patterns of these magnificent creatures bring them close to the coastline of point Dondra,

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Splendor and magnificence

The name Kandy conjures visions of splendor and magnificence, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many of the legends, traditions and folklore are still lovingly kept alive. On your way to Kandy,

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Fancy an adrenaline rush?

Paramotoring combines the simplicity and thrill of paragliding with the range and ease of powered flight. It’s easy to learn, even if you’ve never attempted such a feat before there will be a trained instructor at hand to assist you.

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The turtles of Kosgoda

Every month on the brightest nights, when the moon looms full, turtles come ashore to lay their eggs along the island’s Southern shores; a ritual that’s undoubtedly transpired for centuries. However over the years their numbers have declined and this compels the conservation of these magnificent,

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Mangrove boat tour and watersports in Bentota

Bentota is a superb little southern enclave with plenty of attractions, foremost among them being the Bentota River and its tributaries, which snakes through lush tropical countryside and can ideally be experienced via a river safari.

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A culinary escapade at the Galle Fort

The Galle fort offers an amazing diversity of culture and flavor within a relatively small geographic area. Combining several centuries of overlapping tradition,

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Colombo by jeep

Choose from a variety of classic transportation options that include a World War 2 Jeep (1942), Vietnam War Jeep (1945) or a Land Rover Series 1 Jeep (1948). The mode of transport affords occupants a 360 degree view of their route,

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Taste the world’s finest tea

Visit the island’s only tea plantation to produce over 25 different individual variations of tea. Sample their range, including exotic varieties like Virgin White Tea which is untouched by human hands and enjoy a delicious cup of Oofonq tea and chocolate cake,

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A stroll along the ramparts

The nearly 400 year old Galle fort is undoubtedly one of the island's most enduring landmarks, brimming with history and culture, the fort is a microcosm, encompassing everything that's glorious about Sri Lanka's south.

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Walk in the wilderness

Explore the plantation's hiking trails on a bird watching excursion, interact with locals as they engage in the age-old art of tapping rubber and make your way to the Kafutara Temple and Richmond Castle, discovering paradise like never before.

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