The Bawa trails

Geoffrey Bawa is counted among the great architects of the 20th century, his creations encompassing some of the island’s most celebrated landmarks and include houses, hotels, schools, clubs, offices and government buildings. Yet foremost among these creations is his private residence at Lunuganga. An obvious labour of love, Bawa spent over 40 years meticulously transforming the former rubber estate into a sprawling, palatial playground. The Italianate garden unfurls with paths along meticulously crafted geometric axes, numerous water features, courtyards, walkways and an abundance of vegetation. With no shortage of romantic nooks and impressive views, the garden is a veritable treasure trove of discovery. Next on the itinerary is Brief Gardens, created by Geoffrey`s brother Bevis Bawa. In stark contrast to the former, Brief Gardens offers an untamed, eclectic landscape, verdant and overflowing with all things tropical, showcasing Bevis’s penchant for horticulture and landscaping.

  • Recommended Time

    Morning or Evening *Year-round

  • Duration

    4 to 5 Hours

  • Includes

    Return transfers, Entry to Lunuganga, Entry to Brief Garden, Bottle of water

  • What to Bring/ Wear

    Comfortable clothing, Walking shoes or comfortable footwear, Cap/Hat, Camera, Shades

  • Travelers

    Minimum 2

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