Fancy an adrenaline rush?

Paramotoring combines the simplicity and thrill of paragliding with the range and ease of powered flight. It’s easy to learn, even if you’ve never attempted such a feat before there will be a trained instructor at hand to assist you. Being foot launched, all that’s required for takeoff is a flat field and mild-weather and once airborne you are perfectly poised for boundless adventure. After you’ve reached a sufficient altitude, you can even turn the engine off and casually glide over the sublime countryside southern countryside.

  • Recommended Time

    Morning or evening *October - May

  • Duration

    3 to 4 Hours

  • Includes

    Return transfers, Paramotoring, Bottle of water

  • What to Bring/ Wear

    Comfortable clothing, Shades, Walking shoes

  • Travelers

    Minimum 2

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