A culinary escapade at the Galle Fort

The Galle fort offers an amazing diversity of culture and flavor within a relatively small geographic area. Combining several centuries of overlapping tradition, the region offers a unique opportunity to partake in some of the islands most exciting culinary excursions. The half-day culinary tour is designed to be both informative and instructional, offering insight into the preparation of Sri Lankan cuisine, all of which can be sampled as you go along or at the end of your tour. The ‘Storyteller of the Fort’ will regale you with ancient tales, shedding new light on age old traditions, superstations and an offering a deeper understanding of this truly unique destination.

  • Recommended Time

    Morning or Evening *Year-round

  • Duration

    4 to 5 Hours

  • Includes

    Return transfers, Traditional short eats & refreshments, Walk with a storyteller, Bottle of water

  • What to Bring/ Wear

    Comfortable clothing, Walking shoes or comfortable footwear, Cap/Hat, Camera, Shades

  • Travelers

    Minimum 2

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